Participating in the SMR supply chain

The emerging Small Modular Reactor (SMR) sector creates both opportunities and challenges. Challenges for SMR proponents, design firms and engineering companies who need a diverse, distributed supply chain — the likes of which hasn’t been seen in the Canadian nuclear industry before. Opportunities for small and midsized service and product providers who will become the backbone of that supply chain.

For smaller firms, however, there are serious barriers to entry. A critical one is the exceptional quality management demanded by the nuclear industry. It isn’t enough to deliver a quality product or service — you have to prove in advance you’ll achieve that quality, and you have to demonstrate when you’re done that you’ve performed. And you have to do all this in a way that conforms to the expectations of Nuclear, complies with nuclear-specific standards such as CSA N286-12 and N299, and is still right-sized for your small business.

This is the reason Q3 exists. We’re here to help small and midsized businesses up their quality game and plug into existing quality frameworks, opening the door to new opportunities. Our Quality-1-2-3 product lets you quickly bootstrap a new quality system. And our integrated quality options give you the tools needed to enhance the scope and compliance of existing quality management measures.